Chanchao Lorthongpanich received her Ph.D. from Suranaree University of Technology, where she studied mammalian embryo development and stem cell biology. In 2009, she joined the laboratory of Davor Solter and Barbara Knowles at the A*STAR Institute of Medical Biology (Singapore) as a postdoctoral research fellow to follow her interest in developmental biology. Her focus was to identify factors affecting lineage differentiation in preimplantation embryo. Her work demonstrated that not only the positional-information, but also proper expression levels of Hippo component genes play significant role in lineage segregation and differentiation in preimplantation embryos. In 2013, she joined Prof. Surapol Issaragrisil’s laboratory at the SiSCR as a researcher to continue her research interest in investigating the role of Hippo signaling pathway in mammalian embryo and stem cells.



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